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Gretel our pet kunekune pig

We have three pet kune kune pigs, Gretel is pictures above is the mum of our two boys, Buddy and Geordie. Kunekune pigs are originally from New Zealand and when the breed became endangered a few of them were brought over to Britain for breeding and conservation purposes. Kune kunes are often kept as pets on smallholdings or large gardens as they are very intelligent and have lovely friendly natures. They can be kept for meat, however our three are not going to end up as sausages as we like them so much.


Pictures of Gretel our Pet Pig

Pet pig - Gretel

Pet pig - Gretel picture sunning herself

Pet pig - Gretel being given a banana as a treat

We also have other animals on our small croft and these include chickens and ducks.


Our very old chickens sunning themselves. These hens are between 6 and nearly 8 years old. While they do not lay many eggs as they get older, we keep them as pets and do not cull them when they reach 18 months old as most commercial egg producers do.


We have Call ducks and Runner duck (drakes).

Ducks on the duck pond

Picture of our ducks in the duck pond that is being emptied for cleaning (note the blue pipe and the electric cable going into the pond). Call ducks are great pets, although you do need to be careful when living near other people as they do make a lot of noise talking to each other.

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